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You have made a huge step in considering therapy! I am excited that you are here because therapy can literally change your life! I have witnessed my patients' lives transform when they make a commitment to the therapy process!  At Hayes Medical Integration, you can expect to be treated with warmth, respect, and acceptance no matter what issues you want address!  My goal is to make sure you feel heard and understood while we work together on issues that keep you from feeling your best! I hope you are ready to gain insight and to become empowered, so you can live the life you deserve!


Our mind and body are interconnected. One can not operate without the other. Rather, they function as a team via the intricate work of our central nervous system. When we experience distressing thoughts, feelings, or emotions, it may manifest in sore muscles, fatigue, or restlessness. Have you ever noticed someone who constantly shakes their leg/foot while sitting in a waiting room? What they are experiencing in their mind is manifesting in the body as energy that needs to be released. It can be due to boredom, anxiety, or stress, for example. Also, have you ever paid attention to what part of your body carries your stress? Ever noticed when you are stressed, you find yourself rubbing your neck, back, or stomach? This is the work of the mind-body connection. When our minds are overwhelmed with stress/worry, out of the mind's instinctual attempt to survive, it may transfer some of this discomfort to our body for storage. It, typically, will manifest as distorted muscle structures. Therefore, it is more effective to address the mind and body connection. Due to this phenomenon, I have chosen to use a comprehensive approach to treating psychological issues.

Treatment strategies will focus on evidenced-based, traditional, psychological interventions but also the use of more contemporary, evidenced-based interventions that provide natural remedies, such as mindfulness meditation (Tai Chi and yoga), consistent weekly aerobic or strengthening exercise, healthy eating habits, natural essential oils, and massage. I am also a supporter of psychotropic medication, when needed. We will determine, together, which strategies will be most appropriate for your specific situation.


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