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My approach to therapy entails the need for an on-going commitment to therapy sessions while participating in the discovery, resolution, and maintenance phases of therapy.  I have seen the best clinical outcomes when patients participate in their sessions regularly and go through each phase of treatment.  You and I will begin to develop a mutually agreed upon plan for treatment at the very first appointment.  Length of treatments vary on the individual and is determined by improvement in functioning.

I provide a personalized interaction style, because I want to get to know you as a person.  I hold my patients in positive regard and ensure that you have a VOICE in sessions.  My goal is to primarily ensure that you feel heard, and I will enlist your thoughts and feelings every step of the way.  I see our therapeutic relationship as a partnership in working through your issues TOGETHER! No worries about topics that you may feel embarrassed to talk about.  Any concern that you raise, is welcomed! 

Although traditional approaches will be applied in treatment sessions, like Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuropsychology, and others, we will also focus on ways to manage life's circumstances with an emphasis on wellness, such as the use of mindfulness activities (regular exercise, massage therapy, yoga, music, dance, and art therapy)! You will receive a 3-page list of over 80 self-care activities that will assist you in these mindfulness activities.  My patients LOVE this list and refer to it often!

I am excited about this work and look forward to working along side you on this journey!



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