Hayes Medical Int‚Äčegration


In an effort to minimize the spread of infections of Coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci (the head of National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases and top expert of infectious diseases) has reported that social distancing is the only way to stop the pandemic. Therefore, Hayes Medical Integration will only be engaging with patients in telehealth medicine (via live video). HMI will refrain from meeting patients in-person, at this time. I am aware that this pandemic has caused some trepidation and uncertainty, which breeds anxiety. As a result, I will be checking in with patients at the beginning of each session to ascertain how you are coping with the challenges. At any time, patients are encouraged to request a session through the thera-LINK portal of you would like an earlier session than the one that is already scheduled. Because these challenges may be with us for the next couple of months, as stated by Dr. Fauci, Hayes Medical Integration will be offering more flexibility in scheduling. Hayes Medical Integration recognizes that these are unsettling times, and your mental health is a priority!